How We Can Help

Homekeeping and Meals

Daily household chores can become difficult and frustrating as we get older or when we are unwell. A home carer will gladly manage tasks related to housekeeping and chores.

The support staff can clean bathrooms and kitchens, do the dishes, hoover and polish. They can change beds, wash and iron, retrieve the mail and collect newspapers. This can help keep the client's home clean and clutter-free.

However our care staff don't just simply clean; they also genuinely care about the overall well-being of the client and will make sure that they feel comfortable in their own home.

Meal preparation is also an essential part of everyday life and can be tricky for the elderly and those convalescing. Taking into consideration all dietary requirements and restrictions our carers can prepare, cook and serve meals.

Since many medications are taken with food, meal times are naturally when a care staff or companions will remind their client to do so.

Our care staff will gladly help each client to prepare a shopping list of foods that they enjoy, encouraging them to eat well in order to keep them happy and healthy. They are also happy to help assist your loved one to bake or cook for their own enjoyment or to assist when entertaining friends and family.

Personal Care and Medication

At all times our care/support staff encourage the client to do as much for themselves as possible.

Their goal is to provide assistance and promote independence. By allowing and encouraging them to do what they can for themselves, the care/support worker will encourage your loved one and help them gain confidence in tasks which they may not be able to manage without help.

Our staff can assist clients in and out of the bath, with appropriate aids as needed, maintaining a safe and clean environment. Assistance can be provided with washing and dressing as well as help with continence issues. If the client has difficulty remembering to take their medication, our staff can remind them at the correct time. You can be re-assured that the medication will be administered correctly i.e. at the right time, right dosage, right route and right record keeping. All expiry dates for medication will be checked and medication will be stored correctly and safely to ensure it is not damaged.

It may be that your relative is not physically able to take their medication. Our staff can assist with dossett boxes, blister packs and the preparation of liquid medications. They can also offer assistance with prescriptions and medications that require collection from the chemist. Our staff can deal with all situations including alerting the medical team or calling the emergency services as required.Our staff can work closely with the GP and other medical staff, including district and community nurses, private nurses and the Macmillan team.

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Visiting Care Service

We are committed to providing support which is both person centred and outcomes based.

Perhaps you have had a fall, or need assistance following an operation or an admission to hospital? Do you work full time and find it difficult to provide the support an elderly parent needs? Do you live far away from your relative? Would you feel reassured by someone visiting them a few times a week to check they are eating well, living in a clean house and managing day to day tasks?

For You Healthcare is committed to providing a premium service to clients. We provide fully trained and carefully vetted care/support staff to help clients with visiting home care, helping clients to feel in control. A care/support can visit for an hour or for the day. We can also provide night care/support workers who can provide reassurance by staying overnight.

Visiting Carers can help with:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning, laundry and ironing
  • Personal care
  • Shopping
  • Doctors appointments and hospital visits
  • General administrative tasks
  • Caring for pets
  • Social needs


Social interaction is an essential part of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. A live in carer can provide encouragement to re-connect with old friends, pursue interests and hobbies, and be involved with Parish or local church activities. Our carers can help in the planning of special events such as visiting places of interest, sampling new foods and wines, and enjoying music, entertainment and culture. We believe that everyone should be able to reclaim the mobility to enjoy life outside of the home.


One of the most common challenges faced by our clients is shopping for basics. Making the trip to a large supermarket which may not be located in the town centre can be a daunting task. Our carers will sit down with you and compose a shopping list, and do the shopping for you. Or if you enjoy venturing out on a shopping trip, maybe just to get out for some fresh air, or even as a means of socialising, then your carer can drive you safely to and from your shopping errands providing assistance along the way as needed. They can even tidy your cupboards and refrigerator, ensuring that food is always within date.


Driving is often one of the greatest challenges to independent living. Many carers do have a Driver's Licence and can drive the client's car if appropriately insured.

The carer can drive you to:

  • Doctors appointments
  • Church
  • Visit family and friends
  • Collect prescriptions from the pharmacy
  • Hairdressing appointments
  • Theatre and other social engagements

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Activities and Holiday Assistance


Quality of life is an important factor to consider when deciding whether or to choose home care. An active lifestyle is conducive to a healthy mind, as well as a healthy body. This can also mean having the freedom to continue pursuing one's personal interests, hobbies and social life. That is why care/support staff from For You Healthcare can accompany, assist and empower their clients to participate in a wide range of activities, helping them stay active and in touch with the community around them.

Holiday Assistance

Our care/support staff can accompany their clients on holiday in order to offer assistance with personal care, medication reminders and generally ensure that their client has an enjoyable and relaxing experience away from home. They can also offer assistance in the planning and preparation of the holiday, confirming all travel arrangements and reservations, and assisting with packing and carrying luggage.

Our care/support staff can also look after pets, plants and gardens and collect post and newspapers whilst a client is away from home, ensuring that there is nothing to do but relax and unwind.

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